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Our New Home for Awhile

October 16, 2020
Cedar Creek 37MBH

Our Previous Camper

Our plan when we sold our house was to buy a tract of land and live in our camper full time for awhile as we developed the property and built on it. We knew that in order to do that, we needed to upgrade our camper. We owned a 2017 Prime Time Avenger 27DBS travel trailer. It was great for weekend camping trips and weeklong vacations, but we knew it wasn’t going to suit our needs for full time living. The main problem with it was that the kids bunks were open to the living area. This made it very hard for night owls like Megan and me to get anything done after the kid’s bedtime. We wanted a camper with a separate room for the kids where they could sleep and play.

Upgrading to a Fifth Wheel

We had previously looked at larger campers and we knew that we liked fifth wheel campers with a mid bunkhouse. Our favorite that we had looked at was a Cedar Creek 37MBH. Our timing was perfect as my business partner at Carter Group Real Estate had recently purchased this exact model and had decided to sell it soon after. The 37 foot fifth wheel included a rear living area that would give us the extra room that we wanted and it had a separate bunkhouse for the kids. Luckily, it had plenty of storage for a family of four. The original owner had even done some repainting on the interior to brighten it up some, which we liked. We were sold! We knew this was the camper for us. God had worked this entire process in our favor so far, and this was just more evidence.

My partner even let me borrow his truck to get the camper home
Cedar Creek 37MBH Floor Plan
Cedar Creek 37MBH Floor Plan

The deal was struck with the agreement that we could pay for the camper when our house sold. My partner was even gracious enough to let us get the camper a couple of weeks early so that we could get it ready. I then took it to our local camper dealer R & R Camper Sales and had them reseal the roof, add a cover over one of the slides, and check the camper out for me. With everything checked out, we began the process of cleaning it out and moving in.

We’ve been living in the new camper for a couple of weeks now, and we couldn’t be happier. We feel like we have enough space for all of us. We’ve found enough places to store the things that are necessary for our daily lives. We have even realized that many of the things we thought were necessary really weren’t. We’re doing much more than just surviving this way, we are really enjoying the experience. It’s a good thing we are too, because it may be for awhile. If everything goes to plan, we’ll be living in the camper until we have saved enough money to build our house and with the cost of building materials right now, that may be awhile.

Keep up with our adventures on our Facebook and Instagram accounts to see where we start to haul our new house, as we’re in the process of planning a few trips. Also look out for a series of articles about our new tow vehicle, because that had to be upgraded as well.

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