About Us

Hello! We are the Catos. We decided to give up our 2,800 sq ft home in a subdivision for 19 acres in rural southeast GA. These are our adventures in selling our home, purchasing land, RV living, building barndominiums, and enjoying life away from it all!

Megan & Kyle

The head of our home is Kyle. He’s a real estate broker for Carter Group Real Estate by trade, but he attended The Art Institute of Atlanta and received a degree in web design. He’s the artistic one that focuses on making sure everything is well designed and pretty much perfect according to his standards! 🙂 He also loves hiking and hopes to one day hike the entire Appalachian Trail with our son.

Megan is the mama/wife and home manager! She works for a virtual school as a family liaison while homeschooling our 8-year-old. She loves life with our family no matter what we are doing. She’s told Kyle many times that she’d live in a tent with him if she had to, but is grateful she’s at least going to be living the glamp life while we build our house/shop/barndominium!

Brisen is our resident dinosaur expert. He’s now 8, but he’s been able to name all the dinosaurs since he was a year old. He’s a lot like his daddy and loves history and science. He’s that kid that we hope has memories from his childhood in the woods instead of just a brain full of history and science facts. We know he will, though, because he loves being outside playing and exploring. He’s already spent his first night on the AT with Daddy and is ready to go back. His favorite past-time is aggravating his sister.

The comedian in the family is our 4-year-old, Addie Jane. Since the day she was born she has made it her goal in life to make us all smile and laugh each day! The word that came to Megan the first time she saw Addie was “shine” and our prayer for her is Phillipians 2:15 “Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people.”

This is actually our prayer for our family, and we hope we can be a bringer of Light into your world!

Cato Family